Online backup

Tips to popular online backup services

When it comes to backup we all know it is nearly mandatory, especially if you own sensitive data. Personally, I am a photographer and I have to backup most of my photographs weekly – and I find it as being mandatory, not necessarily because they are very important at that particular moment, but because in time I might go back to them, in order to refine my work.

Online Storage: Dropbox

Which do you think is safer, online or offline? For me, I don't think my computer is safer. Viruses, software or hardware problems may damage my important data one day. I think the online storage is safer, perhaps. Of course, you shouldn't use the online services to store your private information, such as credit card number, bank password. Of course, using the online storage service as a backup tool is much better. In this way, even thought your computer is lost, you can find it from the Internet.

FanBox Desktop: web operating system as online backup storage

Online backup storage are very popular backup solutions. They have many good features. Your files are available from anywhere (if there is a web access) and the files are secured from floods, fire disasters or robbery in your house. Web operating systems are interested projects which brings the complete desktop to your web browser. Now you can use them as a specific online backup storage.

Online Backup Services

Everyone knows how important it is to back up the data that you store on your computer.  Who hasn't heard the horror stories of someone who lost years of project work because they failed to back up their work?  Backing up is all well and good, but what do you do if you use more than one computer or have a busy schedule and often forget to back up your data? One method of backing up that has been growing in popularity lately has been online data storage.  Online backup is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to back up data. The Online savior of your blogs online backup service for your blogs. If your blogs contains RSS feed then you can take the backup of your blogs using this service. This utility includes categories, pages, comments, full posts if your blog engine contains the Wordpress power. If no Wordpress then you can export the blogs to other sources. The images are also saved if the blogs contains the images. This utility also contains privacy policy so need to worry about data. 

Google Calendar Sync: Awesome Online Calendar by Google

Google Calendar Sync has a feature using which you can synchronize events Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar. Once you synchronize these both you can verify the information flow direction and also the synchronization frequency can be determined. We know that we cannot synchronize events on our secondary calendar which is available. So Google Calendar Synccan synchronize events from our MS Outlook Calendar which is default and our Google Calendar which is primary. 

Windows Live FolderShare beta: Online Folder Sharing Made Easy

When it came to send a folder containing important data to your friends or colleges, each time you have to open your email attach each file in the folder or zip the folder and then send it. This process would take lots of our important time. But with the introduction of Windows Live Folder Share this job is made easy and can be done in just few minutes. Just you have to create your account and set your friends and colleges with whom you have to share your folder and done, he can automatically access the folder.

Microsoft Office Live Workspace: Your Online Office

Microsoft has just made Microsoft Office Live Workspace available for the users. This application is free internet based extension to MS Office. Using this application you can access your document online and you can also share the work with other users. This application was launched in competition for Google Docs. But still it is in its Beta phase, and will have to go miles to get compared with Google Docs which has created its solid identity in online office suites.

Working with BLOGBackupONLINE

In my previous article I had discussed the procedure of taking backup of your blogs. But BLOGBackupONLINE is just not limited for daily backup of our blogs. There are additional features available too. This feature comprises of taking the full backup, viewing the blog content, using the permalink, viewing the history, sorting the list of comments given to the blog, exporting the blogs. The available features are discussed in this article.