Online backup for Firefox Bookmarks using Foxmarks Bookmark Sync

The My Foxmarks site along with taking the backup of bookmarks also provide us with different services such as, editing the bookmark, deleting the bookmark, creating a bookmark, drag and drop the bookmark, and previewing the book mark. Also there is a search feature which helps you to find within the bookmark. Looking at this you will feel that this software is better than the inbuilt bookmark organizer that comes with the browser. 

How to backup your drive using DriveImage XML?

DriveImage XML enables us to backup complete drive or any partition which is logical. A complete backup image is created when you backup the drive. So you can backup your drive with the entire OS and restore it along with the registry, system files. Also you can extract individual files by opening previous backup by the image explorer tool. Also using the Volume Shadow Services for creating the backup images within the windows itself, so there is no need to reboot. As the images of the drives created are stored in .dat format, you can process these files with other applications. 

Working with BLOGBackupONLINE

In my previous article I had discussed the procedure of taking backup of your blogs. But BLOGBackupONLINE is just not limited for daily backup of our blogs. There are additional features available too. This feature comprises of taking the full backup, viewing the blog content, using the permalink, viewing the history, sorting the list of comments given to the blog, exporting the blogs. The available features are discussed in this article. 

How to backup your Blog at BLOGBackupONLINE?

BLOGBackupONLINE is a web application using which you can backup all your Blog that too online. Manually backing up your Blog is very tedious job and complex too. The only thing you have to do is to register free to the website with some clicks. Then you have to register your blogs over there and become worry free, as this website takes daily backup of your blogs and maintain the data base. 

How to backup your Digital Images using Easy Photo Backup?

Easy Photo Backup contains easy to use screens which has the wizard type look. This screen helps you throughout the whole process of creating photo archive CD’S of all of your digital photos. Using this software you can choose the photos as per your requirements either all of them or the required one. You can also include a photo album which is website style on the created disc. And no special software is required to view the album created. You can simply watch it using Windows.

How to backup your data using Urgent Backup Software?

Using Urgent Backup Software you can download, upload, copy data automatically by scheduling the process. The data can be gathered on any of the storage devices such as remote FTP server, USB Drives, CD/DVD, Network disk. The data can be mirrored or archived files or directories can be created for copying. ZIP algorithm is used by this software for files archiving. The Built in Scheduler enables you to create a queue of auto backups operation. 

Symantec Backup Exec: Latest Backup Weapon from Stable of Symantec

Symantec is known for its products for data security. Symantec Backup Exec is software from Symantec specially designed for taking data backup for servers. This software is the standalone software available for recovering Windows. This software has simplified the bare metal restoring of Windows servers and workstation. The only step involved is you have to only boot the recovery CD and do the installation from recovery point. Restoring to different hardware and servers is also possible. 

How to take data backup using Back4WinXP Software?

Back4WinXP is the most reliable software available for taking data backup. When you use this software you don’t have to worry about the loss of partition data. This software comes free and is appreciated by many users the no cost key available for integrity of our data. The ‘Stealth’ mode feature available in this software makes this software the most secure software than any other software available in market. The data is backed up in zip files so for recovering the data, the recovery can be done on any OS. 

How to take disk-to-disk backup using Arctor Disk2Disk Backup?

Arctor Disk2Disk Backup is very user friendly yet powerful software for taking the D2D backup of your data. It offers you with reliable and fast backup and also offers version management. The most important feature available with this software is that this software uses the most economical, efficient and reliable media hard disk for taking the backup. This software can also restore all your backup data in case of system crashes or accidental hardware failures. This software is also ideal for small companies for taking the backup of there important data. 

How to take backup your data using BounceBack Express?

Don’t worry about your important data stored in your PC, just install BounceBack Express and let it take care of your important data. You can also protect your music libraries and digital images. This software is perfect for your personal use and small business. You can also back up your “Spare Drive” using this software. The backup files taken can be accessed on any PC. It also provides support for scheduling and multi backup sets.