Backup How-tos

Backing up and Restoring Registry in Windows

Windows registry maintains lots of information about your operating system. For example, it records the installed software, whether or not the CDROM can play automatically, etc. Many softwares add some information into the registry during their installation, or change some items. Sometimes it will cause some problems. For example, some softwares cannot run. Perhaps it is because the registry is damaged. Therefore, if you have backed up the Windows registry, you can try to restore it. Maybe it can solve the problems.

Double Driver: Backing up drivers

What should you do after installing Windows operating system? I guess the answer is to install a variety of drivers, especially for the old version of Windows. Video card, sound card, wireless network card, micro-camera... All need their own drivers so then can work. Obviously it is a very dirty work. If a software utility can backup the drivers when the system is well, and reinstall all the drivers after reinstalling the operating system, the world would become better.

Backing Up Files with "rsync" (for Linux users)

"rsync" is a simple but powerful backup utility in Linux. Although the traditional archive tool "tar" can make a backup, "rsync" supports more functions, for example, saving the backup on a remote machine. For incremental backups, rsync provides a better method than "tar".

How to Backup Your Files Automatically (for Linux users)

In the two previous articles I introduced two common used utilities in Linux operating system, tar and cron. "tar" is used for creating archive files and "cron" is a time-based scheduling utility. In this article, I will combine "tar" with "cron" to solve the problem: how to backup your files automatically?

How to backup MySQL with "mysqldump"

MySQL is a free, open source database management system. It is used widely in the Internet. Some famous companies, such as Yahoo!, choose MySQL as their databases. Most of web hosting companies provide MySQL and there are many free scripts like WordPress, Joomla that use MySQL. As it is widely used in the Internet and the data is important, it is a very useful skill to master how to backup your MySQL database.

How to backup Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is a blog writing tool. It provides a powerful editing environment, like a simple MS Word. You can use it to write on your own computer and after finishing a post just click the publish button. The post will be published.

How to backup Thunderbird with Mozbackup

Thunderbird is an E-mail client developed by Mozilla Foundation. You can receive, send, manage you mails with it. Also, it contains address book and supports extension, like Firefox. Since E-mail important for some people, backing up Thunderbird's data in time is a good habit.

Backup Your Files with 'tar' in Linux

The easiest way to back up your files is just copying. But if you have too many files to backup, copying and restoring may take too long time and it is not convenient. If there is a tool that can put many files into one file, the world will be better. Fortunately, 'tar' is used to create archive files. It can pack files or directories into a 'tar' file. It is like WinZip in Windows, but without compression.

Backup MBR in Linux

MBR is short for Master Boot Record. It is a very small program which is located in your hard disk and executes when a computer boots up, before the operating system. Typically, it is at the first sector on your hard disk and the size is 512 bytes. The MBR maintains the DPT (Disk Partition Table), which can contains 4 primary partitions, and start the operating system. If the MBR is damaged, your operating system wouldn't be able to boot up.

DriverMax: How to backup drivers in Windows

There are many situation when you need to backup drivers in your Windows installation. Since you are able to backup your drivers directly from the Windows installation, you can forget to installation media shipped with your hardware. Backup the drivers and feel free to reinstall your system.