Backup How-tos

Smaller Backups with WinRAR

Reducing the size of your backups is key to conserving storage space. The smaller your backups are, the more storage space you'll have (flash drive, external hard drive, cloud). If you backup your data to an online storage service (Amazon Cloud), it will behoove you to make your backups as compact as possible, as online storage services usually charge you for the amount of storage space you consume.

How To Use SkyDrive As A Backup Storage

You may never worry about it or even have a passing thought about the chance of your computer crashing. Consider all of the important things you have located on your computer that you will lose forever if you do not backup your computer.

All of your important work documents, your children’s baby pictures, music that you have spent quite a bit of time locating and downloading and have paid for. There is a lot more on there too other than the few listed items.

Backing Up With Windows Briefcase

The Windows Briefcase feature has been around for a long time, but a lot of users don't take advantage of this feature because they don't know what it does or don't see how Briefcase makes backing up and synching all your important files a snap to do.

Sure, you can manually save all your documents onto a flash drive from your desktop computer, but every time you make a change to a document on your desktop you have to remember to backup to the flash drive; it becomes cumbersome to do this manually over and over again.

Backup Encryption With TrueCrypt

Keeping backups of all your valuable documents is highly important. And if your documents contain sensitive information (financial records, tax documents, receipts, etc.) it's a good idea to encrypt and password-protect your documents from prying eyes. Imagine backing up all your financial records to your laptop only to find that your laptop has disappeared!

Gmail Backups Made Simple

Gmail is an excellent web-based email service from Google. Gmail offers a clean interface into your inbox from your favorite web browser and a generous amount of storage space. Having all of your email stored remotely (on the Gmail servers) is convenient if you'd like to access your email from anywhere, but what if you wish to make a local backup of your inbox?

Easy Firefox Backups With MozBackup

Mozilla Firefox is a very popular and stable web browser that gave Microsoft a run for their money (Internet Explorer) when it first hit the scene. It does everything a web browser is expected to do in this Web 2.0 era and a lot more too.

How to backup Windows 7 Licenses and Serials

When you have to re-install your Windows 7, you will have to reactivate the system again after the successful re-installation. This could be a problem as Microsoft limits the automatic reactivation counts. Thanks to one small utility you can backup and restore Windows 7 Retail, OEM and MAK licenses easily with just one click.

How to easily backup your Twitter, Facebook, Gmail account and more with Backupify

We all have many accounts on the Internet. We use many social networks, Gmail account, Twitter, Blogger, Flickr and other services. Have you ever think what could happen if these services will go down and some of the account will not be possible to restore? Your solution for this problem could be Backupify.

Back-up Your Android Data Before You Regret Not Doing So

All kidding aside, backing up any technological pursuits you may own is a must if you want to keep all of your most important files safe and intact. Too many times have people wiped their computers or mobile devices and forgotten to back up their documents. One of the biggest reasons for this clear and present danger is the fact these people aren’t sure how they should backup their files as no one ever told them, but now that’s about to change.

Backing Up Your Apple Machine Using The Time Machine

Usually when a company sets out to release something new like a phone, a computer, or any other technologically hip new devices they can come up with they don’t give you any backup applications or programs that will help you out in case of a system restoration emergency. All of that is about to change with the Time Machine backup utility