Backup How-tos

How to backup your iTunes Library onto an external hard drive?

It’s obvious that keeping iTunes library backups is mandatory to avoid data loss in case of a computer crash. But, doing backups with iTunes means that you have to stay beside the computer for many hours to change the Backup-DVDs about every 20 minutes.

How To Speed Your iPhone’s Back-up Process: Is your iPhone backing up too slow? Let’s speed it up!

Are you an Apple or Windows user who hates the hassle of backing up his or her iPhone? I know I do, it can be a real pain, but there is a glimmer of hope for all of us. Sometimes we just need to learn to let go of certain files in the backup process even if we want them, but if they’re not used, what’s the point? Here are a few tips on speeding up your iPhone’s backup protocols.

Sometimes they go bad… Or How to Restore a Corrupted Back-up

You’re in the middle of backing up your system and in preparations for a restoration and suddenly everything crashes in an instant. You don’t know why it happened, it just happened, you go back into those same folders and try again but than an error messages pops up and tells you whatever gibberish they want to let you know the files you were just using have gone corrupt. Now, the reason for this is beside the point, but there is hope for these files, and that hopes lies with a corruption-repair program.

Ubuntu Backup – Linux Back-up For Beginners (How To Back-up Your Ubuntu System)

Ubuntu is a Linux system that many people use to store information, but the one thing that escaped most peoples mind is the process of backing up this system if something goes wrong. Ahead we will discuss exactly what method you could use if you choose on how exactly to properly backup this system but this will clearly be up to you and in no way do you have to take what’s said here by heart. Let’s begin.

How to backup your websites on Linux server with Webmin

As your websites grow, there is a time to look around for a dedicated or VPS server. Today’s Linux distributions are easy to manage and have many administration tools. If you do not want to pay for solutions like cPanel or Plesk, you can use ISPConfig together with Webmin for setting up a scheduled backup of your websites.

How to turn off iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad backup in iTunes

Sometimes the backup functionality built in Apple iTunes is not welcome when you connect your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to the computer. In this case you will find useful small app which is able to completely turn off syncing and backup in iTunes.

How to backup Apple iPad

Apple iPad, the tablet and nice piece of designer work. This extremely addictive tablet is a computer like any other in its basics. This means it can crash one day (is there anyone with broken down iPad?). So you should be sure all your data from the iPad are backed up. The other reason for Apple iPad backup is saving your apps which you have paid for. Fortunately, iPad backup is very easy to do.

How to use Acronis True Image Home 2010 with online backup storage

Acronis True Image Home 2010 comes with a new feature saving your data to a secured online storage. This nice backup imaging software extends its functionality and starts to be a competitor in online backup services. Moreover, there is also new product Acronis Backup and Security which offers backup functionality together with a firewall and antivirus from BitDefender. So it targets the same users as Norton 360 from Symantec.

How to backup and restore your data on Lenovo IdeaPad Y550 notebook

Lenovo IdeaPad Y550 is a nice laptop for home use at first. It is good for movie watching, games playing, internet browsing and so. But this article is not a review of IdeaPad Y550. I would like to share a few information about the software equipment of this Lenovo’s laptop, especially how it do backups of your data and restores them if needed.

How to backup registry in Windows 7?

Why you should backup registry? Every time you install a new application or game to your computer you risk. You risk the incompatibility with the current registry keys made by other applications. The same applies for running some cleaning software. Since the registry backup is very easy in Windows 7, you are a step away from keeping your system in a good condition.