Backup How-tos

How to backup your data using BuddyBackup?

BuddyBackup is an online application using which you can secure your data on your friends, colleague, or any family member’s computer via internet, and you can use this software for free. Its is just one time you have to set your buddies and all your data is automatically backed up when you change it to the hard drive of your buddy. If there is a situation that your file is deleted due to some system error you don’t have to worry the file is automatically recovered. Also the file which is saved on other computer is encrypted so nobody other than you can access that file.

How to backup your data in LINUX OS using Clonezilla?

Bare metal backup of your system is the biggest headache to system engineers. But Clonezilla is backup software which is based on udpcast, ntfasclone, Partition Image, and DRBL which makes the bare metal backup job very easy to its users. We have two types of version available for Clonezilla, Clonezilla live is used for single system backup and Clonezilla Server for multi-system backup. One of the outstanding feature of Clonezilla is that it restores and saves only used blocks in hard drive. Due to this efficiency of this software is good.

How to backup data in Linux OS using Partimage?

Partimage is software used in Linux OS to save the available partition to an image file, condition that the file system used in partition should be supported. After the partition is converted to an image file we can compress the files using any popular zip program available. This version discussed supports networking so the files can be saved on a network too. This software also works for large partitions greater than 1 GB. One GB partitions can be compressed till 400-450 MB.

How to backup your data using Xdrive Desktop Online Backup?

Using Xdrive Desktop you can backup 5 GB of data. The can be of any type ranging from videos, music, images, etc. When you use this software you get the feeling that you are using an external hard drive with your computer. The more internet speed you have the quicker is your backup process. You can just drag and drop your files to the drive you have selected on this software. Authentication is done by AOL/AIM services, performance tuning is provided for faster download, the interface provided is very easy. 

How to take online backup of your data using Mozy Online Backup?

When it comes to protection of data by taking its backup then using MozyHome Remote Backup is the most economical, smart, and simple way. It just consists of three steps install, set the process and become worry free about your data. The setup procedure for taking the backup is simple. The backup process runs in the background without any interfere in your current process. All the files which are transferred to the server are first encrypted on your computer itself. This software can also backup locked files.

Taking backup using O&O DiskImage Software

O&O DiskImage provides you easy and fast method of preventing data loss. Using this software regular image file of your drives can be created. Convenient archiving and duplication of an entire OS can be done with this software. It also supports RAID and dynamic drives. Imaging methods can be chosen as per your requirement. The forensic imaging feature enables us to take one to one image of our system. Incremental imaging method is also one of the outstanding features of this software. 

How to take backup using DriveHQ Online Backup?

DriveHQ Online Backup is a very secure and easy way to backup your essential data. High point security offered by this backup ensures us about the safety of the data. You don’t have to carry other storage media if you are on tour and you require the data. You just need any internet connection, then logon to your account and retrieve the data you want. The DriveHQ headquarter is located in California which is heavily guarded, and this software offers you encryption of data, again a plus for your data security. 

How to backup Flickr Photos with FlickrEdit 1.1

FlickrEdit 1.1 is an open source Java desktop application and allows you to download/upload or backup the pictures to your disk drive from flickr. FlickrEdit has now totally replaced FlickrBackup. FlickrEdit 1.1 carries new features including the long requested feature for backing up title, tags, photos description and keeps them secure in the IPTC Headers. FlickrEdit supports for Flickr RSS feeds and basic html editing toolbar to comments editor and, support for mark photos as favorites.

How to take data backup using Casper 4.0?

Casper 4.0 provides support for Windows Vista. This software is implemented with SmartWrite and SmartClone technology. Performance enhancement, input and output cancellation, multi boot configuration are some of the main features. The VISTA support is provided to both of its version 64bit and 32bit. These two technologies SmartClone and SmartWrite provide us speedy recovery of the damaged system. 

How to take data backup using Memeo AutoSync Configuration?

Using Memeo AutoSync we can synchronize the data folders between two computers. Not only can we synchronize data in computers but also network drives, hard drives, USB drives. Each time you connect the network folders the files which are new or updated get copied in both the direction. The copying is done along with delete and renames folders, so there is no need to worry about the data. The entire process is automatic and done in both direction and also symmetrical.