Backup How-tos

How to create custom backup mage for Windows 8 Refresh PC feature

Windows 8 offers many new features. Regarding the backup there is a nice option to set the system to the state after the installation. Using Refresh PC you can bring back the stable system state without modifying your data. There is also a special trick to create custom image to be used via Refresh PC in Windows 8.

How to backup Firefox profile from Windows command line

Firefox has numerous add-ons and third party apps helping you back up its user profile. This contents your browsing history, cookies, stored passwords and other information about your Internet browsing. If you want to back up Firefox profile from Windows command line, try BAT file named Batckup Firefox.

How to backup your Linux Mint for free

Linux Mint is one of the coolest Linux distributions currently available. It offers nice clean user interface, based on an old school design. This distro is full featured and includes number of software, like LibreOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, players, graphic tools and tens of utilities. Easy to use backup tool is also included in the Linux Mint.

Windows 7 Backup and Restore

Windows 7 sports a greatly improved Backup and Restore utility that is leaps and bounds over previous Windows versions. Windows 7 makes the creation of safety copies of all your essential data just in case a catastrophe should strike, like an insidious piece of malware wiping everything out.

Google Chrome Backups

Google Chrome is quickly becoming everyone's favorite web browser. It's quick, sleek, free, and clean and made by everyone's favorite search engine company. Web browsers keep track of a lot of user data that makes your web experience even better. Data like history, bookmarks, cache, saved passwords are all saved by the web browser to speed up web browsing and to streamline your surfing experience.

Windows Registry Backup

Every time you install a new application on your Windows computer, the application will most likely make changes to a huge application database called the "Windows Registry". Think of the Windows Registry as a large collection of application and system settings and configurations. When the Windows Registry is in decent health, Windows is happy and runs smoothly.

Backup Partitions in Windows

Most of the time, when Windows is installed, all of its system files that make up the operating system are dumped onto a single hard drive partition (C: drive by default). This is the easiest way to install Windows.

How To Backup With CrashPlan

Your computer has been acting a little off lately. You notice it is running slower and having a major lag time when you start certain programs. You may start to become concerned about your computer. Is there a crash coming? Are all of your files backed up? If the crash was going to happen shortly are you going to lose all of your precious pictures and important documents?

How To Back-up Digital Camera Firmware Before Updating

Many brands for digital cameras suggest that you need to back-up everything that is on your camera to begin with before doing any kind of update. Sometimes unforeseen events could cause you to lose everything.

How To Back-up Nokia Smartphone With Symbian

Face it, today majority of people cannot live without their smartphone. Their phone has their life on it. From contacts to emails, pictures and music, and applications that you spend money on you definitely do not want to lose those. So what is the best way to back-up your Nokia smartphone? Well, Symbian is the main producer of Nokia operating systems so using Symbian will be your best choice.