Backup How-tos

Taking the backup of PS2/PS3 games using DVD Decrypter

Computer games are a vast field now a day. This field is most popular in small children and youngsters. Play station 2/3 are owned by many people. But this PS2/PS3 has its own OS, it is obvious that the OS will get corrupted or some time even fails. So the important concern is to backup the games in the PS2/PS3. So DVD Decrypter plays an important role in doing this job for you.  

How to take backup using DirSync 3?

DirSync is very well equipped backup software. This software contains Deletion Folder tool using which we can manage the files either in folder root or in the file hierarchy. The user interface provided is designed well and each option and feature has online help provided. The available program indicators are also attractive. The comparison mechanism available is equipped with CRC32 or time/date. The command execution is done at both times before the job execution and after job execution. 

Taking data backup using Second Copy 7.1

Second Copy is backup software produced for all the versions of windows available. It can backup your system data, personal data to different directory, computer, network, or disk. The source files are monitored by this software and the changed files are updated. The backup process runs in background that to without any interaction of user. 256 bit encryption of data is also possible using this software. 

How to take backup using Retrospect?

Retrospect is very user friendly and also versatile software for taking the backup of your data. In this software there is no need for the complex scheme of media rotation. This software takes back up to many data storage devices along with the system itself. The data storage devices comprise of CD/DVD, DX155 removable system, NAS appliances. This software can run on WINDOWS and on MAC OS system also. 

Taking backup using WinBackup

In WinBackup the backup jobs created are done using Backup Jobs. This Backup Job is type of template which guides the WinBackup which folder and file to take backup of. Infinite backup jobs can be created for all type of available data. You can select new backup job for each type of data and name the backup file as per the type of data. The created job just act like as a Macro. Each time you open WinBackup select the job with particular data you want to backup and the data is backed up.  

Online backup for Firefox Bookmarks using Foxmarks Bookmark Sync

The My Foxmarks site along with taking the backup of bookmarks also provide us with different services such as, editing the bookmark, deleting the bookmark, creating a bookmark, drag and drop the bookmark, and previewing the book mark. Also there is a search feature which helps you to find within the bookmark. Looking at this you will feel that this software is better than the inbuilt bookmark organizer that comes with the browser. 

How to backup your drive using DriveImage XML?

DriveImage XML enables us to backup complete drive or any partition which is logical. A complete backup image is created when you backup the drive. So you can backup your drive with the entire OS and restore it along with the registry, system files. Also you can extract individual files by opening previous backup by the image explorer tool. Also using the Volume Shadow Services for creating the backup images within the windows itself, so there is no need to reboot. As the images of the drives created are stored in .dat format, you can process these files with other applications. 

How to backup your Blog at BLOGBackupONLINE?

BLOGBackupONLINE is a web application using which you can backup all your Blog that too online. Manually backing up your Blog is very tedious job and complex too. The only thing you have to do is to register free to the website with some clicks. Then you have to register your blogs over there and become worry free, as this website takes daily backup of your blogs and maintain the data base. 

How to backup your Digital Images using Easy Photo Backup?

Easy Photo Backup contains easy to use screens which has the wizard type look. This screen helps you throughout the whole process of creating photo archive CD’S of all of your digital photos. Using this software you can choose the photos as per your requirements either all of them or the required one. You can also include a photo album which is website style on the created disc. And no special software is required to view the album created. You can simply watch it using Windows.

How to backup your data using Urgent Backup Software?

Using Urgent Backup Software you can download, upload, copy data automatically by scheduling the process. The data can be gathered on any of the storage devices such as remote FTP server, USB Drives, CD/DVD, Network disk. The data can be mirrored or archived files or directories can be created for copying. ZIP algorithm is used by this software for files archiving. The Built in Scheduler enables you to create a queue of auto backups operation.