Backup How-tos

How to backup KMail?

KMail is popular e-mail client for Linux users. You can find it in the KDE - powerful desktop environment. KMail is also a part of a bigger application called Kontakt. This part of KDE offers the complete solution for your contacts, e-mails, calendars, appointments, task lists and meeting scheduling. People always asks about backup features for their KMail installation. So there are few steps how to do KMail backup.

Guide to Using the Vista Backup System

Windows Vista backup system comes with a complete range of backup features to help you protect your important data files easily and more securely. The Vista backup system comprises of four areas: file backup and restore, complete PC or system backup and restore, system restore, and shadow copy. All these utilities are very simple and easy-to-use. Let's find out how they work.

Backup Internet Explorer favorites with IE7Pro

IE7Pro is a useful tool for users of Internet Explorer web browser. It adds improved download manager, faster pages loading, improved management of sessions and tabs. IE7Pro comes with Easy Homepage function which adds simple way how you could navigate to frequently visited pages from your homepage. It is similar to Speed Dial function in Opera browser. IE7Pro also comes with useful backup function for your Internet Explorer favorites.

Backup Firefox bookmarks (and more) with Google Browser Sync

You never know when you computer goes wrong in the least suitable moment. Setting up a replacement computer may take several days before you remember what needs to be re-installed and configured. Try to prevent this kind of problems. If you are using the Firefox web browser try the Google Browser Sync extension which automatically backups the bookmarks, history, cookies and passwords to a remote Google servers.

How to Backup Outlook Express Data using Outlook Express Backup V6.5

An Outlook Express Backup V6.5 application is used to backup multiple identities, Outlook Express Data, signatures, Outlook Express accounts and Rules, preferences, blocked senders, Windows Favorites, Internet Explorer settings, and Windows Address Book (WAB). It's the best email backup software so far. The extra settings and features help to the professional users to customize more extensive backup capabilities.  

How to backup media in iTunes using iTunes 7.0

Apple announced a significant new update to their iTunes 7.0 with many new exciting features which helps you to backup your playlists or all your media files to CD/DVD and you can restore your iTunes library using your backup disc.

How to backup your data using Roxio BackOnTrack?

Roxio BackOnTrack Software is awesome software available today for data backup. The whole backup operation consists of three parts. At first all the selected group of files is backed up then restores snap shots are stored for further use of this software and last all the drives are backed up into image files. The Disaster recovery feature creates an environment wherein you can boot even if the system fails to boot using the image drives. 

How to take the data backup using IBM Tivoli Continuous Data Protection?

IBM Tivoli Continuous Data Protection is the real time safety software provided to us by IBM. This software takes continuous backup of our systems, and it is quiet beneficial for small business and for Computer users. As continuous saving is done of our modified data our data is free of accidental deletion, corruption, and viruses. This software is specially made for individual PC users, retail shops, medical offices, home based small business.

How to backup your data using SOS Online Backup?

SOS Online Backup software secures your important files off-site. The numbers of computers SOS Online Backup can backup don’t have any limitation. The two most outstanding features of this software are open file backup and continuous backup. The files to be backed up are can be selected in seven different ways. Intelligent Filters puts a limitation to the types of files to be backed up. When you are finished with the file selection you will be shown your total capacity you are going to download. So the plan selection is made quiet easy.

How to backup your data using SwapDrive Backup?

SwapDrive Backup is the new online backup service; its earlier service was @Backup. All the basic backup operations are performed through a browser and application which is client based. Scheduled and incremental backup is provided to us by the client based version. File online sharing is possible using Whale Mail feature available. You can also share your folders with other SwapDrive users by giving the read and write privileges. Compression of files is done using WinZip.