How to backup Flickr Photos with FlickrEdit 1.1

FlickrEdit 1.1 is an open source Java desktop application and allows you to download/upload or backup the pictures to your disk drive from flickr. FlickrEdit has now totally replaced FlickrBackup. FlickrEdit 1.1 carries new features including the long requested feature for backing up title, tags, photos description and keeps them secure in the IPTC Headers. FlickrEdit supports for Flickr RSS feeds and basic html editing toolbar to comments editor and, support for mark photos as favorites.

How to take data backup using Casper 4.0?

Casper 4.0 provides support for Windows Vista. This software is implemented with SmartWrite and SmartClone technology. Performance enhancement, input and output cancellation, multi boot configuration are some of the main features. The VISTA support is provided to both of its version 64bit and 32bit. These two technologies SmartClone and SmartWrite provide us speedy recovery of the damaged system. 

Before buying the backup software

Many a time you may think that backup software are just designed to make the data backup process of your computer simple. But in many backup software available now a day’s just backup is not the only feature available but many more add on features. So following article will act as a guideline for buying backup software which best soot’s your requirement. 

How to take data backup using Memeo AutoSync Configuration?

Using Memeo AutoSync we can synchronize the data folders between two computers. Not only can we synchronize data in computers but also network drives, hard drives, USB drives. Each time you connect the network folders the files which are new or updated get copied in both the direction. The copying is done along with delete and renames folders, so there is no need to worry about the data. The entire process is automatic and done in both direction and also symmetrical. 

Taking the backup of PS2/PS3 games using DVD Decrypter

Computer games are a vast field now a day. This field is most popular in small children and youngsters. Play station 2/3 are owned by many people. But this PS2/PS3 has its own OS, it is obvious that the OS will get corrupted or some time even fails. So the important concern is to backup the games in the PS2/PS3. So DVD Decrypter plays an important role in doing this job for you.  

SugarSync Beta – Powerful and Real-time Backup Program

SugarSync Beta is a program that revolutionizes the way you backup your documents, pictures, music, videos and important data collection. With the help of the most effective real-time synchronization technology, all of your files are automatically synchronize across your PC, Mac and mobile phone so you can access them from any where using web browser and phone.

How to take backup using DirSync 3?

DirSync is very well equipped backup software. This software contains Deletion Folder tool using which we can manage the files either in folder root or in the file hierarchy. The user interface provided is designed well and each option and feature has online help provided. The available program indicators are also attractive. The comparison mechanism available is equipped with CRC32 or time/date. The command execution is done at both times before the job execution and after job execution. 

Taking data backup using Second Copy 7.1

Second Copy is backup software produced for all the versions of windows available. It can backup your system data, personal data to different directory, computer, network, or disk. The source files are monitored by this software and the changed files are updated. The backup process runs in background that to without any interaction of user. 256 bit encryption of data is also possible using this software. 

How to take backup using Retrospect?

Retrospect is very user friendly and also versatile software for taking the backup of your data. In this software there is no need for the complex scheme of media rotation. This software takes back up to many data storage devices along with the system itself. The data storage devices comprise of CD/DVD, DX155 removable system, NAS appliances. This software can run on WINDOWS and on MAC OS system also. 

Taking backup using WinBackup

In WinBackup the backup jobs created are done using Backup Jobs. This Backup Job is type of template which guides the WinBackup which folder and file to take backup of. Infinite backup jobs can be created for all type of available data. You can select new backup job for each type of data and name the backup file as per the type of data. The created job just act like as a Macro. Each time you open WinBackup select the job with particular data you want to backup and the data is backed up.