Backup How-tos

How to take the Backup of your Windows Mobile PDA phone to PC using Sprite Backup Manager?

Sprite Backup Manager has won “Best Software Award” in 2007. This software provides support to Windows Mobile 6 storage card encryption which helps you to restore your data securely after a master reset. Off device Backups, support for Windows Mobile 5 & 6 device, backup to PC, upgrade mode recovery, etc. are some of the key features available with Sprite Backup Manager. 

Backup with Handy Backup 6.0

The Handy Backup 6.0, new version of Handy Backup, has expanded a set of new features and general changes & released on January 24, 2008 by Novosoft. Handy Backup 6.0 is very easy to handle program, specially designed for corporate backup solution to take automatic backup of your important data. The backup can be taken to any media such as remote FTP server or CD or DVD ROM. Reserve copy of your backed up data can be kept on your system as reserve copy. Special features are added to the software using which you can take the backup of Microsoft Outlook, registry of system and ICQ files. Restoring the backed up data is as easy as clicking a button. The program also facilitates data synchronization between two network computers.    

How to take the backup of your data using Norton Ghost 12.0?

Symantec is a well known organization for its software’s and commonly known as data security. Norton Ghost 12.0 is the software from the stable of Symantec which is specially designed for backing up of system data in times of system crashes or OS corruption. Norton Ghost 12.0 provides Automatic backup of your system, quick restore of lost files, recovering the entire computer, and optimizing back up disk space are some of the key features available in this software.  

How to backup Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 Catalogue?

There are times when the outcomes of Photoshop operation are strange. These outcomes cannot be figured out by you. So it’s the time to trash your preferences or some time you have to replace the whole software. There are some files you have created using some specific preferences and you don’t want to loose them. So don’t worry Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 contains a facility using which you can backup the preferences or the whole catalogue of preferences. 

How to Backup Your Photos in Picasa 2?

At time of system crashes or reinstallation of new system in your computer vanishing of the files or folder is there. Many a times your important images or rare family photos also get vanish.Picasa is the easiest program available for photo management and backup. Picasa is not used only for managing your photo, its help you to backup and restore your entire photos and albums. When Picasa 2 is installed into your system, it first scans the whole hard drive and searches for the available photos and images into the hard drive and displays them in libraries. It supports each and every image format available today in market. 

How to backup Zoner Photo Studio 9 settings?

Many times it happens that after purchasing photo software and you find something missing in it, but you will find nothing missing in Zoner Photo Studio 9. With Zoner Photo Studio 9 Professional version, you get a software application program which is all in one that helps you from acquiring the photos readying them for use till sharing them. If you have many images which needs to be edited using the same setting and at the same time if you have to format your PC then using this software there is no need to take the settings as there is provision made in this software using which you can take the backup of your settings as well.

How to extract and backup drivers from WIN XP using Driver Magician?

At the times of system crash or OS corruption there is a requirement for formatting the PC or reinstalling the whole system. After doing so all the drivers installed in your system gets vanished and you have to reinstall them again. It is very tedious job, it’s good if the drivers CD or the DVD is with you but if it is not with you then it becomes quiet difficult for you to restore all the required drivers into your systems.  

How to Backup and Restore using Backup4all

Backup4all helps you to save your critical data from total or partial data loss by automating and compressing data. This application is the best backup solution for personal computer (PCs), notepad, or laptop computers for your home and professional use. You can save your data by scheduling tasks, password protecting and compressing it to save storage space. Wizard style of this software provides easiest way to backup/restore data of your email client data, local drive or LAN drive data. 

How to take backup of disc partition using Acronis Disk Director?

Taking the back up of whole disc partition using Windows is very tedious and time consuming job. You will think “Hope there was software which could do this job just within few clicks.” Acronis Disk Director is the software which not only helps you in taking the back up of your disc partitions but you can also create, resize the partition. Creation of multiple boot environments is also possible using this software. The partitions can also be moved just like the cut paste procedure involved in windows. All this applications are done just in some few clicks using Acronis Disk Director.


How to backup your data in Opera Browser?

In my last article, I explained you how to take back up of your favorites in case of Internet Explorer. But now a day’s many people prefer using Opera browser. Opera browser is famous as it offers us small size, fast speed, customization, security and standard supports. Opera supports all the web standards in use which also includes XHTML1.1, CSS 2.1, SVG 1.1, DOM 2, HTML 4.01, and ECMA Script. Opera also gives us strong protection against Cyber Crimes. So this browser had become popular now days. This software is freeware and can be downloaded from